Effective Classroom Management―The Essentials by Tracey Garrett

Effective Classroom Management―The Essentials

Book Title: Effective Classroom Management―The Essentials

Publisher: Teachers College Press

ISBN: 0807755745

Author: Tracey Garrett

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Tracey Garrett with Effective Classroom Management―The Essentials

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This user-friendly resource will help K–12 teachers become more effective classroom managers. Tracey Garrett provides a new perspective that has been well received by thousands of preservice, novice, and veteran teachers. Each chapter concentrates on a key area (physical design, rules and routines, relationships, engaging instruction, and discipline) and focuses on the importance of that particular area in relation to a teacher’s overall classroom management plan. Examples of specific techniques and strategies are presented through three classroom teachers, each representing a different grade level. In addition, four students share their beliefs and experiences related to the different aspects of classroom management and provide unique insight into the lived experience of students in real classrooms in a variety of contexts, including urban and suburban schools.

Effective Classroom Management is a concise guide designed to prevent problems that require active discipline before they arise. Book features include classroom examples, case studies, and study questions. There is also an app, Classroom Management Essentials, available on the iTunes store that features videos of the author and other teachers discussing classroom management strategies and experiences addressed in the book.